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Pédagogie d’urgence – Module 1

Du 02 décembre 2022 à 20 h 00
Au 04 décembre 2022 à 11 h 00


Emergency pedagogy is an educational tool derived from Steiner-Waldorf pedagogy to help victims of human or natural disasters, but also traumatized children, often victims of reference persons (abuse, verbal or physical violence ) or accidents, death of unaccompanied relatives, etc. The effects of these traumas are frequently observed, but the causes rarely identified in the school population and become chronic illnesses or even cause personality disorders when left untreated. They suppose an accompaniment with doctors and therapists.

Initially, from 2006 in the middle of the war in Lebanon, emergency pedagogy was developed “on the ground” with the tools of Steiner-Waldorf pedagogy: movement, rhythmic exercises, arts, collective games. Gradually and by dint of research, these tools are proving effective and are being implemented throughout the world, where competent teams are being formed in the countries most exposed to wars or natural disasters.

At the same time, a school is opening in Karlsruhe which practices inclusion and develops skills to prevent, help or heal the consequences of traumas that have become chronic and which result in school failure, indecipherable disruptive behavior and personality disorders. .

Gradually, many people wanted to acquire skills in emergency pedagogy and training was put in place. It is currently given in 25 countries. His course is now university and gives rise to a diploma issued by the “freie Hochschule Stuttgart”. It includes 12 modules.

This training allows you to acquire:

  • The tools needed in the field following traumatic shocks
  • The means of finding solutions to the chronic conditions observed in the school environment
  • The psychological ability to cope with stressful situations.


The 1st module gives access to all the others , which can then be followed in any order and in different countries.

If you don’t know emergency pedagogy at all, we recommend the Replay of the conference given in May 2022.

In addition, the Emergency Pedagogy section of the Freunde der Erziehungskunst association broadcasts videos via Youtube , translated into French.

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